Everyone in this world are living their own life in their own way, some wish to be happy, some want to be rich, some want to be famous, some wish to be loved, some want to die, some wish to leave the mark behind, some just wish to spend their day without hunger etc. and other many more, in a single phrase everyone has their own dream either its small or big.

Dream is a key that sets the path how a person will live his life, to achieve the dream hard work is necessary and a person will give his best every day and works accordingly. But just few are able to achieve their dreams, how hard they have to work for it.

But every dream are not achieved, some dreams are easily achieved whereas there are some dreams which cannot be achieved how hard you try or how hard you work in order to achieve those dreams.

Growing from childhood to adult the dreams changes very often due to the time and surroundings around, we have to change our dream according to the time and situation and sometimes we may end up living the others dream rather than our own.

In this world every dream are achieved by murdering many other dreams, some murder their own dream because they are unable to achieve it, some murder their dreams just to achieve the dreams set by their family and loved ones, some murder others dream to achieve their own. Every minute thousands of dreams are murdered in this world, some may murder their own dreams to achieve another dream, some may murder their own dreams for fulfilling others dream and make them happy, some may murder others dream to fulfill their own dreams and some may just murder others dream because they are jealous of them and are not able to catch them.

The difference is who murders whose dream to fulfill whose dream but at last we all are murderers killing own and others dream for other’s sake or own.

Nature Appeals

Taking break from the day to day life and skipping the crowd of the city this time the journey was intended to explore the corners of the country far from crowd and suffocation of the pollution.

As per the intention the footsteps led the way towards the lap of the nature. As soon as the city was left behind the blessing of nature struck the eyes and the heart was lifted with immense pleasure, moving forward gazing upon the nature they made me realize what we are missing is the joy and pleasure due to our attachment to the sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle far from the blessings of the nature.

When the mountains, hills, forests and rivers touch the inner soul with their presence it feels like they are appealing, leave the crowd behind for some day and come explore us with your passion.

Don’t do late or you will see my beauty fade away with the development in human civilization and you will never be able to witness what the pure nature holds on its chest.

So leave your daily life behind and come to me and explore otherwise you will only find me within the pages of the books and the images on the walls rather than the pages of your memories and the images of your retina.


Oh! When the rain comes all the way it washes the negativity away, everyone loves the rain as it lifts up the soul and heart during the hot summer days. When the rain comes along with the cool breeze it brings the new vibes to the whole world as the nature changes its color.
We all love the rain and rainy season, many of us like to get drenched in the rain leaving all the works behind and feel refreshed, some like to sit on the window for hours and look the water droplets hitting the roofs and floors. The sound that is produced when the rain hits roofs and floors provide the great satisfaction to the ears and the scent coming from the soil after the rainfall cannot be compared to any other scents of the world.
When the rain makes the small streams on the roads the memories of childhood becomes fresh, and they start to appear in front of eyes. During the childhood when the rain used to hit the grounds we use to gather and make the paper boats to sail in the streams made by the rainfall. It was fun as well as risk because if caught by parents playing in rain and tearing the pages of notebooks then it was sure to get punished. Now when the rain hit the grounds sometimes it feels like to be child again and run with the paper on the hand calling for the friends to join and play in the streams.
There are rainfall, streams on the roads, no one to scold for tearing the papers and playing in rain but there are no those friends and that childhood as well. 

NOTE: All the time rain doesn’t brings happiness sometimes rain causes sufferings as well. While publishing this post my country is suffering from floods and landslides at various parts due to continuous rainfall  from past few days #STAYSAFENEPAL

Expectation: A Wall Before Happiness

Today most of the people around are suffering from broken hurt and disappointments, they seem to be happy from outside but from deep inside everyone is suffering with different problems and there is one reason for these sufferings; Expectation.
It is a human nature to expect in return when they do something, even a help in need is not done without the expectation of getting a return favour. The habit of expecting from others has grown so much that as the result of it we can see the increment in number of people suffering every day.
When you move with expectation there is disappointment in every step you take because no one in this world is perfect to meet your expectations in each and every step. Some are disappointed with their love, some with their friends, some with their family, some with their job, and some with their status and so on because at some point of time they may have been unable to meet their desires, needs and wants.
Let’s take example from our daily life activities, everyone has friends circle and while talking in between they make certain plan like visiting somewhere but due to some reason one of the friend cancels the plan when the time comes and at that moment the most disappointed will be the one that had made certain plans to utilize the visit. It is all because he had expectation of gaining something i.e. fun from that visit but at the same situation if he had thought that the friends are like this before also we had so many plans but none were implemented, let’s see this time if it is implemented then we will have fun otherwise it’s okay as it has happened many times before.
In the past people were happy because they never had expectation and were happy with what they had, they use to help others without expecting a return in favour. There is a proverb “कर्म गर फल को आशा नगर means do your work without expecting the results. This proverb makes us clear that we should do whatever we do without caring for results so that we are capable of doing it because if we start to think for the results before starting to work then we will never achieve the success.
I am not trying to tell that we should not have any expectation in our life but what to expect from the love that is overcome by lust? What to expect from friends who are driven by selfishness not by selflessness? What to expect from this society which teach us to be rich in wealth rather than to be rich from heart? What to expect from those people around who believe in power and lie rather than the truth?
We should have dreams, ego and ambition which push us ahead to move in the direction of success not the expectations which pulls us backward and gives us heartbreak and disappointments. The key to happiness avoiding such heartbreaks and disappointments is that give full effort from your side and never expect in return from others, if u get return for your efforts then you will get satisfaction and if you do not get then there are no disappointments and heartbreaks at all.
Where there are no expectation there are no reasons to be hurt and disappointed.

Lost It All


We have lost it all, nothing remains as it used to be. We are thinking that the world is developing with new inventions and technologies day by day but have we ever noticed that with each and every inventions we are losing one by one components that makes us human?

The word humanity has been sent to the pages of history books as the world is suffering in its absence. Humans are considered as one of the superior animal because of their capacity of thinking and understanding but in today’s context thinking and understanding exists no more as a result of it the whole human race is suffering. We live in a society where the people find it difficult to help someone without the presence of camera in front of them. The trust and loyalty has been replaced by power and money. The more money and power you have the more respect you earn, once you are stripped of your power and you run out of money then everyone will show their back to you and you will be left alone thinking what you have done to them when you were powerful.

People are adopting the divide and rule theory throughout the world, people are divided on the name of culture, tradition, religion, politics, nationality etc. resulting to violence and terrorism. Every day thousands of people are losing their life and seems like a life in this world hold no meaning without power and money.

People no more care about feelings of others as they are focused on proving themselves right and superior to others, people have become so selfish that they have made each other like material of use and throw. They use until they can get benefit and throw away when they are done with their work.

People have left behind their own cultures, traditions, relations and origin when they are busy in comparison with others to look modern and civilized but they do not care about the process in between. Everyone pretend to show their real face but in reality they change their mask each time when they meet someone new.

In this world humanity exists no more, we cannot find trace of peace anywhere, trust and loyalty have been sold, we have already lost many components of being a human and like this one day we will lose our own existence.


Overthinking is a condition where a person thinks about a subject for more than a required time period and it brings both positive and negative aspects. Overthinking has been one of the most serious issues in the present context and it is increasing day by day.

There are many peoples in the world suffering from overthinking in the present context of time and they have been suffering through various difficulties due to overthinking. Overthinking arises due to various reasons like excessive use of social medias and their posts, news we read and see, movies we watch and main reason is being alone and fear, when we are alone our mind thinks about various topics and fear overcome us and lead through the different situations.

We have both positive and negative energy in our body and due to overthinking negative energy dominates the positive one and our mind reacts accordingly. Over thinking can cause various problems and can lead the person towards depression also, not only depression it can also invite the serious problem like paralysis and sometimes death also.

Overthinking can cause death of the person because sometimes when we are alone we think of various negative aspects like ghosts, murderers, violent animals etc. and suddenly we feel the real presence of phenomena’s which we were thinking about and that may cause panic attack and heart attack.

“But if a person can change the negativism of overthinking into positivism then that person can get benefit from the problem of overthinking because overthinking makes our mind active and we can think about various aspects that other people area unable to do.”

Overthinking can lead the person to the next world where other people are unable to think of, we travel to different world exploring the each and every corner of it.This can be taken as an advantage or opportunity to tell the people what we can do by changing the negativity into positivity. We can assume of different fantasies and can create our own world and be happy.

The world we see, travel and experience through the imagination and overthinking can be presented in front of other through the various mediums such as writing books and novels, making a movie etc. We can generate problem solving ideas and ideas for new invention what other will never be able to think of.

Transforming the fantasies to reality can make a person a writer and a great inventor because we can make new invention from those fantasies.

People think that overthinking is a problem, it is a problem if we think in a negative way which can lead us to the worst condition and can take our lives too. But if we neglect the negativity and divert our thinking towards positivity then “overthinking is not a problem it is an art to live a happy life which is not in favor of everyone.”



7 decades of life are left behind and there is no complain how it went but slowly now the interest towards life is decreasing day by day. It feels like being alone and unwanted from last 2/3 years as she left who had given me company for last 5 decades , when she was here the situation was not like this world was different. Routine talks and short walks with her used to be special and there were no any feelings of being old, she was there to share my feelings and interest but everything went with her.

Now there are children’s but everyone are busy with their life and i am the one useless and free, during some age i was the king of my own world there was nothing impossible but now there is no courage even to roam around. When the person is useless then different thoughts use to circulate in their heads, our time was different everyone used to gather after dinner and share their day to day experiences but now with the development in technology everything has changed . When eating also no one is free to utter a single word, earphones on the ear and eyes on the screens what a life had this advanced technologies have brought.

Children’s are busy in their gadgets its rare to see them out of their room and they have no time to spent with their seniors ,seeing them it feels like they even don’t remember that i exist. Children’s think they are keeping me happy as they have given everything i require, food to eat clothes to wear and other facilities but they are wrong they are missing the most important thing i require that is some amount of time which is more valuable then other facilities.

“If you think that Money and luxurious facilities will make a person happy then you are wrong ,the real happiness lies when a person spends his time with his children’s and share their feelings with each other”. What a old man will do with those money and facilities? all he need is some time to share his stories with his loved ones.

I have just only thing to do that is sitting all the day waiting for the death, when the death will come then they may be sad to some extent and one day they will forget, but that day i will be free and the most happiest one as i will be going to meet her as well as other friends of mine after long time and i will have many experiences to share and listen.

“Earlier the death was fearful but now the life has become more than that”.